St. Justin Academy

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Educational Programs
For Children and Youth:

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For Adults:
  • Autumn, Winter and Spring Sessions:   Catechumens and Inquirers.
  • Paschal Lent:   Annual Lenten Retreat.
  • Throughout the Year:   Retreats & Workshops at Antiochian Village.
  • Periodically:  Adult studies on Scripture, Patristics, spiritual writings, etc.

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Other Opportunities
2012 Teen & Adult Bible Bowl Teams with Bp Thomas
2012 Teen & Adult Bible Bowl Teams with Bp Thomas
2012 Teen & Adult Bible Bowl Teams with Bp Thomas
2012 Junior Division Oratorical Winner with Bp Thomas and Teen Advisors
2012 Junior Division Oratorical Winner with Bp Thomas and Teen Advisors
2012 Junior Division Oratorical Winner with Bp Thomas and Teen Advisors
Parish Life Conferences

Each year around the Fourth of July, one church in the Eastern Dioceses hosts a Parish Life Conference, where the faithful can gather together for worship, organizational meetings, Bible study, luncheons, entertainment events, and the Bible Bowl & Oratorical competitions.

Bible Bowl

Each church has the opportunity to send one Teen and one Adult team of three individuals to compete in the Bible Bowl.  Participants answer questions taken from the designate book, and score points for correct answers.  The winning Teen team takes home a trophy, and will compete in a national competition.  The winning Adult team just gets satisfaction.  All participants take home a greater knowledge of God's word, since the best preparation includes both memory work and more in-depth study.

Bible Bowl encourages participants to read the designated book thoroughly and repeatedly, in order to learn well the content. The result of this intense study is not only a good Bible Bowl score, but the gaining of knowledge of God's Word, which will stay with the participants their entire life.

Oratorical Competition

The PLC also offers the opportunity for Teens to compete in an Oratorical competition.  Two divisions are offered, Junior (ages 13-16) and Senior (ages 17-19).  Participants present a speech of several minutes' length on the Conference theme.  Strict criteria are required, and judges are found from outside the Archdiocese; one is usually a priest, to judge the theological aspects of the presentation, and the other two are often educators who have experience and expertise in English, speech, and presentation arts.



Periodic Guest Speakers

St. Philip's Lenten Retreat 2022

Our Lenten Retreat was recorded and is available on our YouTube channel

Session 1; Session 2; Session 3

An Afternoon with St. John Chrysostom

Presented by

Dr. David Ford

Professor of Church History at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

See flyer for schedule and more information!

St Silouan the Athonite

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dr Christopher Veniamin
retreat speaker

Listen to the retreat here:

Part 1 (mp3)
Part 2 (mp3)
Part 3 (mp3)

Download the flyer here.

What is Orthodox Evangelism?

Presented by Fr Andrew Damick
October 17, 2015

A recording can be accessed here:

2013 Lenten Retreat - Christian Hospitality

April 13, 2013

Paul Finley, Director, FOCUS St Herman House of Hospitality, Cleveland, OH


1st Session - Hospitality and The Church:  Being Transformed for Good Works (mp3)

2nd Session - Hospitality and The Family:  Hospitality Begins at Home (mp3)

3rd Session  - Hospitality and the World:  Loving the Unlovely (mp3)

Concluding remarks - Hospitality and You:  Try Giving Yourself Away (mp3)

Sunday Homily (mp3)

Chant: Great Doxology (mp3)

Chant: Hymn to St John Climacus (mp3)


(Please note: lecture audio files may not correspond exactly with beginning and ending of topics.)


2012 Lenten Retreat - Faith & Science

March 10, 2012
Fr Victor Gorodenchuk, Pastor, St Stephen Cathedral, Philadelphia, PA

[Click here for images referenced in lectures 1 & 2]

Lecture 1 - What We Think We Know (.mp3 file)
Lecture 2 - Does the Scientific Approach Hold All the Keys? (.mp3 file)
Lecture 3 - The Creation Story in Genesis: More Than Meets the Eye (.mp3 file)

Other Lectures

Dormition - Meaning (pdf file)
Iconographer Nicholas Papas, Nick Papas Studio, Greensburg, PA
Presentation delivered at St Philip's upon installation of Dormition Mural, August 13, 2011

Patristic Studies Archive
Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Council
Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Council
Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Council

Patristic Studies presented by Brian Ephrem Fitzgerald, PhD

Click on the study title to access the presentation notes. (.pdf)


St. Polycarp of Smyrna: Bishop, Martyr, and Teacher of Apostolic Tradition
June-July 2006

Lectures:  (Click here to listen or download.)

  • St. Polycarp of Smyrna: The Man and his Epistle
  • The Epistle to the Philippians: Exhortations unto Righteousness
  • The Martyriun Sancti Polycarpi: About the Text and its Theology
  • The Martyriun Sancti Polycarpi as Hagiography

The Shepherd of Hermas
May-June 2005


  • General Introduction
  • Penance and Repentance
  • Ethics
  • Ecclesiology

St. Gregory of Nyssa: On the Soul and the Resurrection
May 2004


  • General Introduction and "The Nature of the Soul"
  • The Soul after Death
  • The Soul's Origin - The Soul's Destiny
  • Faith and Reason - St. Gregory's Theological Method

St. Basil the Great: On the Holy Spirit
November 2003


  • Who is St. Basil the Great and what is "On the Holy Spirit"
  • The Holy Trinity and the Divinity of the Holy Spirit
  • St. Basil's Sources and Methods in Theology

St. Athanasius the Great: The Redemptive Plan in On the Incarnation
March-April 2003


  • General Introduction and "The Divine Dilemma"
  • Christ the Incarnate Teacher and Redeemer
  • Christ the Word and Life Incarnate

St. Ephrem of Nisibis: God's Self-Revelation as seen in the Hymns on Paradise
November-December 2002


  • Biographical Introduction and "The Garment of Words"
  • God's Two Witnesses: Holy Scripture and Nature
  • Hiddenness and Revelation

St. John Chrysostom on Wealth and Virtue
March 2002


  • Lazarus and the Rich Man as Exemplars for our Salvation
  • The Proper Evaluation of one's Life
  • The Meaning and Use of Wealth
  • Open Discussion of the Six Homilies


Searchable Scripture

Searchable Bible (King James Version), including the "Deuterocanonical/Aprocryphal" books


Why Do We Go to Church?: Worship & the Image of God
12 Apr 2023 at 2:47pm

In this reboot of Living Orthodoxy, Sdn Justin Gohl and Rdr Nick Muzekari discuss the importance of going to Church, participating in the worship of the Church, as the place where we encounter Christ and find the true purpose of our lives as human...

Homily: Fr Noah on The Sunday of the Prodigal Son (3/28/21)
12 Mar 2021 at 2:25pm

We are prodigals who have gone astray and need to return to the Father. We must see ourselves as the older brother...

End of Liturgy Homily: Fr. Witalis Sunday of the Prodigal Son
12 Mar 2021 at 2:06pm

Fr. Witalis reminds us of the perils of sexual immorality. 

Homily: Fr James Thayer
18 Mar 2020 at 10:11am

Homily given by Fr James Thayer on the Divine Liturgy

Homily: Sdn Luke Carpenter (03-08-20)
12 Mar 2020 at 10:11am

Homily given by Subdeacon Luke Carpenter on the Sunday of Orthodoxy


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